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The below reports and press releases discuss some of the benefits of implementing employee wellness programs:

Corporate wellness essential to organisational performance, study reveals Right Management, 2009, Press Release: Right Management, 2009

Employee health as a strategic imperative, 2009 World Economic Forum, Switzerland

Right Management, a Manpower Company, Cites Employer Wellness Programs as a Building Block for Competitive Advantage, Press Release Right Management, 2010, Switzerland

Sick at work. The cost of presenteeism to your business, employees and economy Medibank Private, 2007, Australia

Stand Up Australia. Sedentary behaviour in workers Medibank Private, 2007, Australia

The wellness bandwagon Buckconsultants, 2008

The Wellness Imperative: Creating More Effective Organisations 2010, World Economic Forum, Switzerland

The New Disicipline of Workforce Wellness Enhancing Corporate Performance by Tackling Chronic Disease 2010, World Economic Forum, Switzerland

Working towards wellness: The business rationale 2008, World Economic Forum, Switzerland