Officise Made Easy™ - Testimonials


“Dynamic presentation. You take a serious situation and make it light hearted. This is a great way to retain such important information. I use my book every day I no longer have shoulder and neck problems and I’ve found the headaches are less. I’ve also noticed colleagues with their little books sitting on their desks AND being used. We’ll have you back any day.”
S.D Deakin University, Victoria

“Thanks for coming to Brisbane your program is simple, affective, and does exactly what it says. I was a little sceptic but having participated in the
presentation I would have no hesitation to refer you to other organisations.
A job well done.”
C.D Corporate Magazine, Queensland


“It was a great session and it would be good to get Pauline back for another workshop as she has a lot to offer. Presentation style was really upbeat and with a lot of humour which we don’t see much of these days. That session the whole of the office should have attended as it had a lot to offer us about our Health and Wellbeing when we are sitting at the desk working.”
LC – Australian Tax Office

“I found it very informative and entertaining. The exercises are easy to do and hopefully staff will employ them as part of their work. Pauline’s presentation style was funny and entertaining which made it effective by keeping everyone’s’ attention and therefore getting the message across. Certainly worth having her back for staff who weren’t at the session as I’m sure there was plenty of positive feedback from those did attend.”
KK – Australian Tax Office