Yoga - Testimonials

I completed my teacher training with Inner Cor Yoga Academy in 2015. I was overwhelmed with how many training courses were available, and deciding which type was difficult. Coming from a small country town and having little kids, I didn’t want to travel too far and was worried that simply choosing the closest one was not necessarily going to be the best one. I am SO glad I chose Inner Cor. Swami was an inspirational teacher and really knows her stuff. Her teachings have not only filled me with confidence in my learning’s to teach, but I really do live my life differently and more positively than before. It has given me a real insight into my own yogic adventure. I do believe that taking on board this diploma has been a true and positive investment, and I would recommend it to anyone.

AW 2016

The Chair Yoga Workshop was outstanding. It was not what I had expected, it was much much more.  Any workshop held by Inner Cor Yoga, count me in.

HN 2016

 I completed the Chair Yoga Workshop recently with Inner Cor Yoga. As a new yoga teacher, it was beneficial to learn further about how the use of a chair can really add value to students who may be limited in some way. A short workshop that was jam-packed full of practical applications that can be benefited by teachers and students. 

AW 2016

I have traveled the world, no matter where I worked or visited I attended Yoga. Now having been in Australia for 12 month my journey takes me to yet another country. Can I tell you, Pauline you are a world class teacher.  Thank you for your teachings and your grand ability to care for people. You and Inner Cor will stay always with me.

NF 2016

“I started yoga with Pauline in July 2015. I had always wanted to attend yoga classes but had never managed to take the next step until a friend suggested I come along and try Inner Cor.  As a complete beginner I was hesitant about keeping up with more experienced people in the class, however this has never been an issue at Inner Cor. Pauline is fantastic teaching and explaining  the poses no matter where you are in your yoga journey. After six months of attending Inner Cor I have learnt so much and can feel that I am getting stronger, more flexible and have greater body awareness.  I have certainly experienced how yoga can improve both physical and mental wellness. Thanks Pauline!”

L Quick 2016

“Coming from someone that has played competitive sports for over 25 years, trust me when I say I know all about niggles, general soreness, injuries and aches & pains.  Obviously  the older you get, the harder it becomes to face another preseason, another weekly grind of training, another Monday spent on the treatment table and I haven’t even mentioned game day!  It wasn’t until a friend of mine recommended Innercor Yoga that I gradually realised that it didn’t have to be this way.  I came to class with an open mind, an open heart and a truckload of pain, self pity and frustration thanks to a herniated disk in my spine.  However, all that eroded away over time thanks to Swami offering the tools required to first heal, then realign my body to the point I now feel as fit and as strong as I ever have.  So much so I have enjoyed my most successful season ever.  It would be negligent of me to finish here simply because the physical aspects of yoga are such a minute component.  Through a committed practice I have become more focused and mindful in finding peace from within, despite the challenges life throws at us.”
M.Freijah 2014


“I received horrific injuries in the line of duty. Most doctors told me that most of my injuries would be permanent with little or no movement to ever come back to my arm. The amazing recovery has been solely due to the strict yoga/meditation course that I underwent with Inner Cor™ for rehabilitation. My surgeon and physiotherapist have simply been amazed at my incredible progress”.
M. N. Vic. Police

“My association with Pauline Rooney started 13 years ago when I first joined Yoga classes in which she is the Swami (instructor). Over the years I have
followed Pauline to many of her weekly classes around the Geelong area.  The
environment is always welcoming and you are greeted with enthusiasm. Throughout the classes Pauline is alway professional, attentive and willing to pass on as much knowledge as possible.
In early 2008 I spoke with Pauline about scheduling personal yoga classes for my son Kye. Kye had been clinically diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy shortly after his first birthday. Knowing the benefits of yoga and the importance of Kye’s muscles needing constant stretching, I thought one on one classes would be extremely beneficial for him. Pauline, with no hesitation agreed to the classes and so at the age of 18 months Kye started yoga.
Pauline’s ability to interact and keep Kye focused was intriguing. With the use of his favourite toys, books and other objects 18 month old children love, Kye was completing poses, stretching and having fun. He had no idea that his body was benefiting so much from yoga, he was just enjoying playtime. Keeping a toddler engaged is difficult at the best of times but being in a fun, happy environment Pauline and Kye worked well together.
Yoga classes continued regularly for 12 to 18 months. I found over that time Kye was more willing to sit down for his evening stretches, wanting to practice what he had been doing with Pauline or he wanted to show Dad what he could do. At times we would even do the poses together.
I speak highly of Pauline and the work that she does and would encourage anyone at any age to experience yoga.”
Y. Wingert

“I am not much of a writer but if it gets bums off seats and into the workshops then it is worth it. I am spruiking the benefits to everyone I come across but this is hopefully going to reach a larger audience of yoga enthusiasts.
As a relative newcomer to Yoga I took the opportunity to enrol in a few of the workshops.
My first, What cost is your breath?
Pauline, thank you. I had no idea what to expect and the ‘props’ you handed out at the beginning of the workshop had me questioning whether I had more money than sense. How wrong could I have been. I finally get the importance of the breath and how correcting it can make a huge difference in not only yoga but everything I do. Making us all sick was a great and powerful technique to prove the point. Fortunately you also showed us how to breathe our way back to improved health.
My enthusiasm has increased tenfold, I now practice yoga at home every day without fail and amaze myself with how much longer I can control and sustain each position.
For anyone considering attending any of the upcoming workshops I can only say go for it, Pauline has the uncanny knack of teaching so much in such a short time whilst making it fun to learn and easy to remember.
I am truly looking forward to my next workshop. See you there.
Thanks again”
L. Johnstone

“For the first time in a long time, I can breath equally out of both nostrils since using my neti bottle. The relief is simply amazing.”
T. Grote