Yoga - Timetable


HATHA YOGA TIMES 2018:              Timetable last update:   2nd January 2018                     All classes one hour.

Vines Road Community Centre, 37 – 61 Vines Road, Hamlyn Heights:   

Saturday:         10:30 am  (Starts 3rd February 2018)                                                      Wednesday:    1.30 pm    (Starts 31st January 2018)  9 Weeks.                                            Wednesday:    8.00 pm    (Starts 7th February 2018)                                                           Friday:              9.30 am    (Starts 9th February 2018)

All Saints Hall,  113 Noble St. Newtown:

Tuesday:           6.00 pm    (Starts 6th February 2018)

Eastern Hub, Karingal,  285A McKillop St. East Geelong:

Wednesday:     6.00 pm    (Starts 7th February 2018)

Cloverdale Community Centre,  167 Purnell Rd. Corio:

Thursday:         7.00 pm   (Starts 1st February 2018)   9 Weeks.   

Please Note:

You will need a Yoga Mat, a Blanket/Rug, Comfortable Clothing. (Clothing that is too loose or too tight can be distracting)

Do not eat for at least one hour prior to your class time.

Make sure all phones, etc, are switched off.  It is most distracting to you and fellow students if your phone rings, beeps etc.

Cost per class:      $20.00 casual

Term One:             $135.00     9 sessions

We accept:            Visa, Master Card and Cash




HATHA YOGA TIMES 2017:              Timetable last update: 30th November 2017                   All classes one hour.

All Saints Hall,     113 Noble St. Newtown.
Tuesday 6pm             Wednesday 8pm

East Hub, Karingal,     285A McKillop St. East Geelong.
Wednesday 6pm

Vines Rd Community Centre, 37 – 61 Vines Road, Hamlyn Heights.                         Wednesday 1.30am                                                                   Friday 9.30am        Saturday 10:30am

Cloverdale Community Centre,   167 Purnell Rd. Corio
Thursday 7pm  School terms.

Note:  All classes will finish on Saturday the 16th December 2017 for the Christmas break.   Please make sure you have completed all your paid for sessions prior to this date. 

 For Pre and Post Natal classes:    Please enquire.

Corporate & Private Classes:  For Schools & Organizations.

Speaking engagements:   Service Clubs, Community Groups,
Schools and Organizations.

Pop Up Speaker:  At your own venue.
Programmes:   WorkPlace-EZ’s Health and Wellbeing
Presentations & Inspirational Workshops.


Your Equipment: Yoga mat, blanket or rug, comfortable
loose fitting clothing required by you so that your yoga
experience will be enhanced.
For the benefit of students, please do not eat for at
least an hour before class commences.

We also stock:  Yoga Mats, Blocks and Netti Pots.
For Purchases:  Please contact by email,

Testimonial:  “For the first time in a long time, I can breath
equally out of both nostrils since using my neti bottle.
The relief is simply amazing.”
– Terri

Queen’s Birthday Weekend:

 10th & 12th June 2017:

Saturday 10.30am, 10th June, Vines Rd. Community Centre, Vines Rd. Hamlyn Heights.

Monday 7.30pm, 12th June, All Saints Hall, 113 Noble St. Newtown.

Easter Weekend:

Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Monday 17th April 2017, Classes will be cancelled.


Monday 25th April 2017, classes will be cancelled.

Labour Day Weekend:

Saturday the 11th and Monday the 13th March 2017,Classes will be cancelled


The last class will be on Wednesday the 21st December 2016
and will commence again Tuesday 10th January 2017.

NOTE:  2017 Classes:

Saturday 10.30am class will resume 4th February 2017
Monday 7.30pm class will resume 6th February 2017