Yoga - Types of classes

Inner Cor offers a range of classes to suit the needs of “everyone and everybody.”

  • Traditional Hatha Yoga 
     Structured classes assist in retaining and strengthening your personal well-being, flexibility and relaxation. The needs and special concerns of both men’s and women’s health are taken into consideration. Yoga classes are fun and rejuvenating while leaving you stress free, physically fit and strong both mentally and physically.
  • Corporate Yoga
    Inner Cor’s corporate classes are both innovative and unique, structured to assist staff to achieve their full potential and create a healthier and more pleasant workplace. By enriching body and mind, illnesses and absenteeism are reduced, and the body is relieved of the discomforts associated with the work environment.
    The yoga classes also assist with rehabilitation enabling employees to return to their work with greater ease and confidence.
  • In School Yoga
    Inner Cor runs yoga classes in schools for children Prep through to Year 12 in a fun and age-appropriate environment. The classes are tailored specifically and carefully for the age group, engaging children on their level and catering to their different needs.
    Over 15 years of experience teaching yoga at Geelong Grammar and many other schools in the region, shows that students, by relieving stress, tension and increasing physical fitness and well-being, gain a positive outlook towards their future and are able to proficiently apply themselves in all areas of study. In doing so they are able to achieve their goals and dreams with enjoyment and ease. Specialist classes for the year 12 students particularly in Mindfulness and hand preparation.  (Students frequently struggle with discomfort in their hand and wrists during exams time)
  • Rehabilitation 
    Accepted by CRS Australia and recognized by some health funds, Inner Cor has developed a unique rehabilitation program that can be delivered individually or in small groups. Programs are designed specifically for the individual’s needs so that they can find themselves making an amazing and swift recovery.
    Re-integration into the workforce is accelerated by Inner Cor™ Yoga’s unique program.
  • Private Classes
    Inner Cor offers one-on-one private classes for those who wish to gain a deeper and greater benefit, tailoring a program to suit your health and well-being needs. These classes are available at your home if you are not mobile or wish to save the angst of travelling. For more information on these special classes please call Swami Prema Ananda.
  • Group Classes
    Available on request, Inner Cor offers private classes to groups of friends or colleagues, sports teams etc.